Our expert doctors at Beall Animal Clinic offer safe, state-of-the-art surgical treatment to pets residing in Leesville, Fort Polk, Rosepine, and DeRidder, Louisiana. We perform routine surgical services including spays, neuters, a wide variety of soft tissue surgeries such as biopsies, excisions of abnormal growths, and removal of foreign materials causing obstruction in the digestive tract or bladder, to name but a few. We also perform emergency surgeries, organ rupture surgeries, eye removal, and orthopedic surgeries such as resetting broken bones and amputations. Additionally, we will perform declawing procedures and ear cropping for puppies before 16 weeks of age.

Here at Beall Animal Clinic, we recognize that every pet is unique. That is why our veterinarians conduct an evaluation prior to every surgery in order to create an anesthetic protocol that is best suited to your pet. Our doctors will take into consideration your pet’s species, breed, age, and health in order to ensure better anesthesia with fewer problems or complications. We also monitor vital signs of each patient throughout all stages of surgery and recovery, and provide antibiotics and pain medications post surgery.