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At Beall Animal Clinic, we aim to provide our patients with quality veterinary care personalized for their individual needs, while providing owners with compassionate and courteous service.

Preventative Medicine:

The best way to reduce costs and life threatening illnesses in our pets is by providing preventative care. The following are examples of services that we perform at Beall Animal Clinic to prevent disease in our patients:

  • Safe and effective vaccines to guard your pet against common viruses
  • eart-worm tests and preventative products
  • Dental prophylactic cleaning

Wellness Examinations:

Our veterinarian at Beall Animal Clinic performs comprehensive physical examinations on each patient. These exams aid in early detection of disease to promote early treatment and return to wellness of your pet. We also offer Wellness Plans to provide your pet with the highest standards of veterinary care while meeting your needs as an owner by spreading the cost of care throughout the year. Please visit our link above for more information on our Wellness Plans.

Diagnostic Procedures:

In addition to the comprehensive physical exams, there are several diagnostic procedures that we offer to aid in identifying disease in our patients. These tests include but are not limited to:

  • In House Imaging Including Radiographs (x-rays), and Ultrasound
  • In House Complete Blood Count
  • In House Liver, Kidney, Pancreatic, and Diabetes Screens
  • In House Urinalysis (urine testing)
  • In House Pathogen Tests for diseases such as: Parvo Virus, Feline Leukemia Virus, and FIV
  • In House Echocardiogram and Blood Pressure
  • Several send out tests including Coggins and Histopathology

Integrative Medicine:

At our clinic, we recognize the importance of taking a holistic approach to each patient. This means we take into consideration not only our patient's medical conditions; but also their age, breed, home environment, personality, and individual needs. In addition to personalizing medical treatments, we offer laser therapy, nutritional counseling, and specialized diets. These therapies help promote early return to wellness, and wound healing in our patients.


The doctor at Beall Animal Clinic take every precaution to promote successful surgical outcomes including recommending pre-operative blood-work when indicated, constant intra-operative and post-operative monitoring, antibiotics, and pain medications.

Hospice Care/ Euthanasia:

Because pets are often part of our families, it can be very difficult to hear your pet has a terminal illness, or acknowledge a geriatric pet is nearing end of life. We work with our client families to educate them on their pet's medical condition to promote understanding and help guide expectations. We also are dedicated to ensuring the pet's comfort and quality of life until natural death occurs, or peaceful euthanasia is elected by the family.

PCS Needs:

We understand the stresses of getting new orders and having to prepare your family to move cross country or even to another country. You don't want to have to leave your four legged family behind. We can help make sure your pet has the appropriate vaccines, documentation, and help you stay informed on the potential required quarantines or hold periods. The sooner you let us know where you are headed the better. That way, all of your family will be ready for your new adventure!


Sometimes, we have to temporarily leave our furry family behind when we go on vacation or business trips. Time apart can be stressful for owners and pets. At Beall Animal Clinic, we diligently try to reduce the anxiety of owners by providing their pets with a clean and safe environment to stay. Our caring and experienced staff also work to reduce the pet's anxiety by spending time with each of our boarders and offering as many comforts of home as possible.


Natural disasters, accidents, and unforeseen circumstances can separate us from our four legged family. It is terrifying to loose a pet. However, in the event that your pet is lost, having the reassurance that should your pet be picked up and brought to a pound or a veterinarian, you would be notified, can bring much relief in a time of terror. Many animals that are lost and brought to the pound are euthanized because their owners have not appropriately identified the animal or the animal's tags and/or collar has come off. We offer microchipping which provides your pet with a permanent means of identification and significantly increases the likelihood of your pet's safe return home.

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