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Sites to Help Understand Your Pet's Veterinary Needs:

Finding accurate, trustworthy, and up to date information can be hard to find... Bellow are some helpful accurate veterinary sites that can be helpful in understanding your pets needs and why veterinarians make certain recommendations for your pets. Please visit the links below for more animal care and veterinary information.

This site serves as an online searchable database for common veterinary conditions. If you would like more information about a condition that your pet has been diagnosed with, please visit this site.

Heartworm Society
In Louisiana heart worms are very common especially in animals that are not kept on a monthly preventative. This website can help explain how to keep your pet protected. If your pet has been diagnosed with heart worms, this site has the most up to date recommendations for heart worm treatment.

Have you ever wondered why our pets need vaccines and how vaccines work? This site helps us understand which vaccines our animals need and why these vaccines are so crucial to promoting healthy pets.

Many people may think that indoor cats don't need to see the vet; but did you know that even indoor cats can be at risk for diseases? This website helps to explain why cats should be seen regularly by a veterinarian and how to make a ca't visit to the vet more pleasant.

Often times, owners buy pet diets without knowing the true quality of the diet. There are also diets out there marketed as better "quality;" But, how do you really know the food is a good diet and is truly a quality meal for your pet? This website will help evaluate your pet's diet, and help establish how much your pet should be eating.

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